What the News Team has to offer

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    What the News Team has to offer

    Post  Tainted~Monkey on Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:30 am

    The News Team is a fantastic position on NBN that is so far completely void of members except myself, who is the group president.

    I would really like to see more people asking to join the News Team, its a really fun position.

    As a member of the news team, your job would intale:

    • Going out and gathering interesting news stories about Nintendo games.

    • Well getting news stories about really any sort of technology whether it be the Wii, iPhone, PS3, Mac, etc. Any of that stuff cuz we like that stuff here too. Even ANIME!

    • You have the option of writing interesting articles about various things and have them published on the HOME PAGE!

    • Also you will be able to write game, anime, and technology reviews.

    Of course don't forget the benefits of being a member of the news team! They include:

    • Your name will become Cyan in color in your posts and profile!

    • Access to Staff/VIP forums that cannot be seen by regular members cant see!

    • You'll have the ability to post Bulletins in the Announcements forum

    • Also you will obviously gain the ability to post stories in the News & Articles blog.

    But thats not all!

    if you become a news team member you will also gain the Reporter rank and get this awesomely sexy user image above your avatar!

    So if you are interested in becoming a member of the news team, post in here or send a PM to Tainted~Monkey or Kairis saying why you think you would make a good reporter.

    If you plan on asking to join the news team please make sure that you are actually willing to be dedicated to writing good articles. I mean they don't have to be uber perfect but decent.

    Also no plagiarism

    inactivity and plagiarism will both make me demote you. Okay so we got that straightened out. (b^-^)

    [Kind of a big deal]
    ~V GuruSharky V~ NBN Co-Creator
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