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    Post  ReDhEaVeN on Fri Oct 30, 2009 6:07 pm

    Now for those who Have wish to become a Moderator or at any Groups, I am Making membership cards for any group type. The Admins would be gladly to choose the Honest, and Most responsible member of this site, to become one of the Mods or chatmods. Right Now I've already Made the ChatMod Membership Card, Later or tomorrow later I would be making a few more Membership Cards for the members who have been chosen to become a Moderator. One with the Highest Knowledge and More Responsible would be an Administrator. I'm Not sure about this, so We Admins are gonna have to think of one of you are capable of becoming a member on one of the Groups. Cool

    The Most Important rule: Don't Take the membership card, and add it as your signature...cause I don't want Unchosen members taking the card and pretending that their moderators. So I'd Say the Chosen should keep the membership card in their pm. >_> wanna remain it secret Wink,

    Thank you Very Much, Have a Nice Brawling Fun Smile


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