Creating your own contests: Rules

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    Creating your own contests: Rules

    Post  Tainted~Monkey on Sat Oct 03, 2009 8:05 pm

    There may only be 5 active member contests in here at anytime. Those spots are first come first serve whenever a previous contest is ended.

    The contest entry period cannot be more than 30 days and the voting period cannot be more than 40, unless you appoint yourself the judge, in which case you should come up with the results pretty fast. Also the entry period cannot be shorter than 3 days.

    The voting period polls can only be created with the permission of an admin, for best results contact Gurusharky since he is here almost everyday.

    You cannot deny someones entry into your contest.

    You must give detailed information about the entry deadlines and voting deadlines as well as the requirements for the contest and etc in your posted topic.

    You must supply the prize. You can try to ask an admin to help you out in making a userbar or something but dont expect to get a yes.

    If you appoint yourself the judge of a contest, you may not enter your contest.

    The contest subject may not be vulgar, pornographic, or in any other way offensive without the permission of GuruSharky. Again, dont expect a guarenteed yes.

    If you are judging a contest, you must be unbiased and fair.

    Once you set the entry and voting deadlines, you may not change them. We can tell if you did.

    In the poll of the voting period, you must include ALL entries to your contest, include the image and the name of the creator.

    If you wish to delete your contest, contact an admin.

    All contests must be unique. Especially from admin contest. As well as from contests done in the past.


    Failure to abide by these rules will result in, contest removal, being banned from contest, site suspension, forum suspension, or even a site ban. Rules are rules... ^-^ have fun!

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