The Homebrew Channel (Tutorial - Not using Twilight Hack)


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    The Homebrew Channel (Tutorial - Not using Twilight Hack)

    Post  Backwake on Fri Nov 27, 2009 5:30 pm

    First you may wanna watch this to get a better understanding of how to do it

    Video Description:
    Here it is, guys. How to hack your Wii in 7 minutes! Literally, I've gathered everything you need to do this into the zip file below (I might add mirrors if the site gets edgy from all the downloaders): DOWNLOAD for Homebrew Channel Hack
    Just download the zip file, extract it onto the root of your SD card and you are ready to hack! All the steps and materials you need are in the video, so just watch this incredibly simple tutorial and enjoy! The next video will show you how to fully utilize your newly hacked wii so you can play DVDs, listen to the Radio, install your OWN channels, emulators, and so much more!

    Important Exclamation
    The Backup Loader channel [which loads burned games] shown in the video won't work for new games such as "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" so you need a new Backup Loader. I use the Backup Loader called "NeoGamma R3"
    NeoGamma R3.rar DOWNLOAD
    after you download the file

    1.Open the .rar or .zip file
    2.Find the .dol
    3.rename the (example) blahblah.dol file to boot.dol your SD card
    5.go under /apps
    6.make a new folder called NeoGamma R3 (you can name it anything you want) the boot.dol in the new folder

    If you try to play a burned game and it fails to load on NeoGamma R3 then you need to download that games ISO or cISO type (example: ISO 36, 61, 249 )
    You might wana get a hold of the REV 7 ISO file and make it an application on the Homebrew channel just download a REV 7 and follow the steps above INSTALLING A HOMEBREW APPLICATION.

    P.S. the SD adapter is only if your computer doesn't have SD import slot

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