My fav Mario game


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    My fav Mario game

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    My fav Mario game is Super Mario Galaxy (well, it's the only Mario game I've finished) and I'll write a review about it. To start off it's the story is about Bowser kidnapping Peach (obviously) with Mario trying to get her back. This time Bowser really pumped up the length and vastness. Bowser kidnapped the the whole castle this time! He used UFO's with dynamite with a laser beam (Queen reference) to cut out the earth around the castle and lift the castle with grapple hooks and carried it to outer space. He also used the power of a star to create a new galaxy where he hid until the final battle. Each part of 1 solar system has multiple galaxies, and each galaxy has multiple levels to complete, and in each levels are multiple planets. There are stars where you jump in them, use a spin attack, and it'll shoot you to other planets like you're a comet lol! The main part setting of the game is on a comet/spaceship. On the spaceship are observatories that will shoot you to a galaxy. The final battle between Mario and Bowser takes place in a sun. Hopefully in the final battle you'll be able to pwn Bowser like I did. To me, Bowser looks like he wants to eat me Chase
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