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    This game is awesome compared to New SMBWii, this one will blow your mind. It start right on the sky when the flying ship is atacked by monster, then suddenly the main character decide to jump off to fight em, where you learn the control mechanics used on the game which is like Zelda twilight princess but instead your Wii remote is full of graviti magic and can manipulate almost anything very easily. Then a cutscene happens when the main character hop inside the flying ship to drive it, avoiding to get crashed heavily on the walls and at the end it crash a big statue and the ship fall in the ground where the main game start.

    Since this is a new game that never had played it before, i had not get very far after the 2nd city but figuring out where to go next in this game it takes time. Fights in this game does not earn EXP, but if you succeed on destroying completely the monster nest before disapearing, you are awarded Life-up or Magic-up power ups and many special items that can be used for crafting later in the game. This game is tricky to get used with the wii motion sensor and sometimes bigger enemies are hard to beat cause of that.

    Also this game has ability to save snapshots to SD Cards and it is not encrypted so you can use it anywhere to show it to your friends.

    Here are some.

    This game is great and i really enjoy it playing it.
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    Post on Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:00 pm  Tainted~Monkey

    Im gonna go ahead and make this a news story.

    Post on Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:04 pm  JAP★ememuo

    Well it make sense, Japan got this title first when the US got New SMBWii first. The release date for FFCC on the US is December 26, Japan gets New SMBWII on December 3.

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