[Old] Billy Mays vs. Chuck Norris

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    [Old] Billy Mays vs. Chuck Norris

    Post  Tainted~Monkey on Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:32 pm

    The ultamite battle Billy Mays VS Chuck Norris Who will win?

    Here is why Billy Mays will win the battle...

    Sure Chuck Norris has his whole black belt roundhouse kicking awesomeness and his chin of death, Billy Mays has one thing he doesn't epic awesome salesmanship skills. This is Chuck's fatal flaw in this battle. He will be too busy buying all of Billy Mays's Fantastic Products and while he is distracted Billy Mays will blast his head off by saying "Billy Mays Here!" in an epicly loud voice. And while Chuck Norris is decapitated he will pour oxyclean all over him and light him on fire, cleaning up the blood stains with resolve and turning his leftover meat into little shit burgers. Then Billy will reattach the head using Mighty Mendit and keep the Chuck Norris's head as a trophy which he attaches to the wall with a hercules hook.

    The battle is as simple as that, Billy Mays is more powerful than Chuck Norris.

    R.I.P Billy Mays

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