SSB Roleplay Rules

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    SSB Roleplay Rules

    Post  Tainted~Monkey on Sat Oct 03, 2009 5:58 pm

    The rules are simple:

    - You can only be one character, sorry, otherwise it would be too confusing.

    - Try to actively play because if ppl are continuously calling on the presence of your character and you dont show, then we may have to pronounce your character dead or give the role to someone else permanently.

    - No trading characters.

    - No "Taking over" someone elses character.

    - You can't kill other characters unless they say its okay.

    - When a character is pronounced dead, its dead, kaput. Meaning no longer in the story. That character roleplayer may ask to have their character officially revived but an admin must make a post in the story to officialize it.

    - You cannot kill yourself. If you dont want to play as a character you must find someone else to be that character and you can obviously only go for untaken roles.

    - No character is "invincible"

    - Play fair and dont be offensive and dont flame.

    - Make the story interesting with action etc.

    - there can be more than one storyline going on at once. But I want no more than 3 because that gets too confusing.

    - Invite others to join in as well as join NBN

    - If you've selected a character with no moveset, you can make one up I guess, if you even need to.

    - have fun because this is meant to be fun.

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