Host Tourneys with us!

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    Host Tourneys with us!

    Post  Tainted~Monkey on Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:39 pm

    Host Tourney's with us!


    - In order to host a tourney, you must be a member of nbn and have at least 20 posts.

    - Make a topic in this forum with your tournament name and the date and time with the time zone, only after you have satisfied the above requirement.

    - You tourney can be of any NBN featured game: SSBB, PKMN, MKWii, Bleach Dark Souls.

    -You must hold your tourney at one of our 3 chats of the same type. For Bleach Dark Souls tourneys, use the SSBB chat.

    - You must encourage all attendents who aren't registered here to register

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