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So i'm writing a story about this girl that gains magic powers. She can cast spells that are music related. Basic all the spell names are going to have music vocal for names. The problem is that my character which is a side kick support type keeps messing the story up. I can't seem to find a magic that suits him. Also I can't decide the explanation for the boundaries of magic and so forth. Hmmm maybe pie?

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Wow, I disappear for 2 days and the site grinds to a halt. It's great tp know that I'm the glue keeping this place from falling apart again -_- (sarcasm)

anyway, life is getting busier and ive decided to drop some of the forums that i'm dedicated to because I cant keep up with them all.

Here are the sites that I've selected to be worth remaining with.

NBN (obviously)
Teh Forum

I'm sorry to anyone else.

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Anyone Love rock, I have some here for ya (Note: Say anything bad about my playlist, I'll Come get you, and It'll Look like a Bloody Accident))


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Tainted ~ Monkey told me about a show called Kämpfer, which isn't on American TV, and it's cool. It's about a boy that turns into a girl, and there are numerous kampfers throughout that world. Each kampfer wears a colored bracelet that glows when they're about to transform. Each kampfer wears either a red bracelet or a blue bracelet. Same colored bracelets are allies and other colored bracelets are enemies. I can't really remember Japanese names but I remember Akane, a kampfer that changes her personality, extremely shy to extremely violent and funny.
Akane's violent and sexy side:

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I like the new design for the NBN but there's no "New Topics" section, and I liked that.

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I can't beieve that the media and everybody is already getting hyped up about Christmas already! It's over a month away... All the classrooms in my school are already Christmas decorated. I'm like, "WTF, why do they already have Christmas stuff up?" And one of my neighbors put their Christmas decorations up 2 days ago... There are Christmas commercials, Christmas stuff in stores already... But I don't see why everybody is getting hyped up about Christmas ALREADY

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20091122 " alt="" />

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The Internet on my wii and DS is NOT WORKING. We got a new router cuz the old one exploded but since this router is locked every time the Internet feels like acting mentally challenged and retarded I gotta pit the password in. My parents are to overprotective to tell me the password. They don't tell me anything. But I still love them Embarassed

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My fav Mario game is Super Mario Galaxy (well, it's the only Mario game I've finished) and I'll write a review about it. To start off it's the story is about Bowser kidnapping Peach (obviously) with Mario trying to get her back. This time Bowser really pumped up the length and vastness. Bowser kidnapped the the whole castle this time! He used UFO's with dynamite with a laser beam (Queen reference) to cut out the earth around the castle and lift the castle with grapple hooks and carried it to outer space. He also used the power of a star to create a new galaxy...

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Life is hard. I'm up to my neck in work. Research papers and essays for school, responsibilities as a writer and things to do graphics wise. As a result my daily time spent here will be reduced. But when Im done with all of my work I'll be treating all of you with lots of cool reviews and things. I'm sure the other admins will do more than enough to keep things sane. You can survive those hours you will be without the Tainted one. XD

you can still drop me pms at any time.

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Well after my phone decided to croak, we took it to the Apple Store and they fixed it relatively easily. So I'm glad I didn't have to fork over $300 for a new one.

Today I also activated my Windows 7 via .rar file because attempts to install both Bittorrent and uTorrent failed. I don't know why.

I also got some new music that I'll share with you guys.

Flyleaf - Again

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It probably is confusing some of you that I am online but not present on the chat room. This is because, due to my Internet issues, I have been coming on on my phone lol, which doesn't support the chat room so I can't chat. So that solves the confusion.

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After a recent Windows 7 upgrade that was recently 99% successful, I have been rendered unable to connect to the internet via my computer. The computer is unable to detect my Linksys route for some strange reason.

Unfortunately, until I find help and fix the problem I can't really do much around the site as far as updates go.

I'm putting the restoration on hold for now but the other admins are allowed to do what they can to keep it up. I will clue all of you in when I've fixed the issue.

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THis Music is all About the Awakening...The Reckoning!!!


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Alright so I got my phone to wok again.

And I'm telling you all, just like I promised Wink

Also if any of you want to send me a text message ever, ask me and I can give you my number.

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My cell phone is being stupid, my link to infinite access to the internet and this website.

For some reason both my texting and internet has been acting unbelievably retarded lately. As a result, my visitation of all of my websites has been cut. Slowing the Restoration a bit.

If you need to send me a message still do, and I'll update you when my phone stops being an idiot.

- Tainted~Monkey

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Hey guys, I thought I'd write a little blog here just for fun. I guess I'll tell you all a little bit about how the restoration is going.

I've got started on the arcade, and I think you all will be very happy when you see the finished product. I hope to have it done by this weekend.

Ummmm, I need some people to help me reregister the members.

I'm also looking to make the site a little halloweeny cuz I'm festive, idk.

If you think you could help by being on the graphics team please tell me.

Also if you ever have anything you want to ask me...

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This is a test blog.



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